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I've noticed recently that a lot of people have been drawing characters, anthro or animal, to be adopted by any who could afford it. Now if I started doing adoptables, would anyone be interested? 

30 deviants said Go ahead and do both commissions and adoptables!
11 deviants said Yes, start doing adoptables!
4 deviants said No, only do commissions.


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Marvel - Sauron by Hewylewis
Marvel - Sauron
Here is the character reference for my interpretation for one of my all time favorite X-Men villains, Karl Lykos aka Sauron!

Note: I decided to try and make him look more like a scientifically accurate Pteranodon, hence he doesn't have a stereotypical pterodactyl tail.
Chapter 9

The lions watched curiously as the three explorers gathered up their equipment, preparing to move their camp over to Pride Rock. Although some of them, Josh noted, still seemed on edge in their presence, carefully watching their every move like eagles on the hunt, their interest was quickly growing. Some of them had even gotten bold enough to start pawing through their things, fascinated by all these strange human gadgets their visitors had brought along.

Kovu had come across the open medicine chest in Chen’s pack. Unable to resist the peculiar scent of all the drugs within, he took a large whiff from an open bottle of ammonia salts, causing him to emit such a loud sneeze, it caused the birds in the surrounding trees to take flight in alarm. Kiara had found Denzel’s unfolded sleeping bag and was rolling around in it, enjoying this incredible comfort, purring with delight.  

“Easy there, girl, they won’t hurt you!” Josh muttered encouragingly to the fretting Liberty, who had gone wild at the sight of all these lions circling, as her rider carefully untied her reigns. As he bent down to retrieve his hat, which he had left atop his pack, he was caught by surprise to see someone else was already wearing it…

A dark-sandy-brown-furred cub had popped out of the backpack, where she had been pawing around in without his noticing, Josh’s oversized hat obscuring her vision. As the Texan gently took it off of her, the cub stared up at him with wide almond-green eyes, giving him a shy, ear-splitting grin. Although definitely a little nervous at seeing this large human towering above her, her childish curiously still had her very intrigued. Josh, on the other hand, thought she was real cute.

“Oh, hello there…” he was saying, when Kiara suddenly appeared at his side, looking concerned at finding, what Josh figured was, her cub here, at least, much to his relief, she wasn’t growling at him for being so close to her daughter. Lions are, by nature, fiercely protective of their cubs and their ability to communicate with them made their intimacy even more exceptional.

“Rosa! What are you doing here?” she asked sternly, taking the cub by the scruff of her neck and lifting her out of the backpack. Meanwhile, Kovu had also hurried over and was giving his daughter a stern look, “Didn’t your grandfather tell you not to come?”

“Sorry, Daddy,” the cub stammered, recoiling slightly under her father’s stern gaze. But Josh, who had developed an instant liking for this furry little tyke, and not wanting her parents to go hard on her because of him, stepped in.

“It’s all right, she’s no trouble,” he said, winking at the little Rosa, who grinned back at him with equal affection, very unlike her stern grandfather. Her parents however didn’t seem particularly keen on having their cub lingering so close to these strange humans, yet had more decency than to say it out loud.

“I’m sorry, she needn’t be a nuisance to you,” said Kovu hastily, “And she knows better than to disobey her grandfather at every turn…!” he added sternly to his daughter, whose ears drooped; apparently, this wasn’t the first time she had been caught out of bounds. But Denzel, also feeling for this sweet little cub, intervened.

“Really, it’s no trouble at all,’ he said, “After all, you were literally making yourself at home just now and we didn’t mind.” He gestured at Kiara, who, a minute ago, had been enjoying the comfort of his sleeping bag like Denzel’s own house cat back in New York. Finally, Rosa’s mother relented, but ordered her daughter to stay close to her.

The men finished packing up their gear, which they loaded onto Liberty and begun their short trek back to Pride Rock. Rosa giggled with delight when Josh placed her on his horse, letting her hitch a ride back home on Liberty’s back. Kiara seemed to want to pull her down from there, but seeing her having so much fun, let it slide. This human, Josh, strange as he may be, sure was a likeable character.


Simba and Nala were waiting for them at the base of their majestic dwelling. Simba, who had been caught off-guard when he discovered Rosa had ran off, frowned at the sight of his granddaughter riding on Josh’s horse. He was about to step forward and give her a sound scolding, but Nala held him back.

“Never mind, Simba. Kiara is old enough now to look after her own cub without us interfering at every turn.” Simba obviously thought otherwise, but, then shrunk back, rather than make a scene. Josh helped Rosa down. The cub ran over to her grandparents, wild with excitement.

“Grandma, this was so much fun!”

“I can see that, darling,” said the queen, nuzzling her granddaughter, “I hope she wasn’t being a pest?”

“Not at all, Your Majesty,” said Josh, remembering how he hadn’t, ever so rudely, properly introduced himself to the queen lioness yet. Getting down on his knee, he took the lioness’s forepaw and politely kissed it. Nala seemed a bit surprised at the gesture, if not confused, obviously unfamiliar with human etiquette.

“Eh…thank you,” she said, gently pulling away, not knowing what to make of it, “Is this supposed to be some sort of…human way of greeting or something?”

“Just preserving the good old code of etiquette, ma‘am,” said Josh with a wink at Simba, who simply stared back at him. This human probably was more than what he thought, but he’d rather not discuss it now.


Evening had fallen across the savannah as the explorers finished setting up their new accommodation; Simba had straightly refused to allow them inside the den, so Kiara and Kovu had directed them to a sheltered spot underneath the raised platform of Pride Rock, where they could set up camp. Although not exactly as sheltered as their tent, or the lions’ cave, it was a far better choice than the waterhole they had left behind.

Simba’s major-domo, a stern-faced hornbill, who seemed not more trusting of these human visitors than his master, had come and informed them that should they require anything he had but to call for him or any other member of the Pride. He had also reminded them, in a voice of utmost importance, that, while they were guests to the royal family, they were still obliged, as per their agreement, to abide by the King’s laws at all times while they were here, and that their welcome would be forfeit should their choose to violate the terms of their agreement.  

After some time of more and more curious lions coming to catch a glance of them, some exchanging friendly greetings, others merely distrustful, the pride finally lost interest and left them in peace. The men had finished putting together their new encampment and had built a campfire to cook their dinner of wildebeest the lionesses had provided for them.

After some time of more and more curious lions coming to catch a glance of them, some exchanging friendly greetings, others merely distrustful, the pride finally lost interest and left them in peace. The men had finished putting together their new encampment and had built a campfire to cook their dinner of wildebeest the lionesses had provided for them.    

Josh was busy roasting his wildebeest-calf-drumstick supper, his mouth watering at the sight of all this juicy meat, wishing he had some of his favorite Mexican peppers to add to the feast, when he heard a familiar, swift pattering of paws approaching from above. Sure enough, Kiara and Nala appeared, looking very alarmed about something. In an instant, Josh understood why.

“What in the name of the Great Kings do you think you’re doing?” gasped Nala, recoiling at the sight of the roaring fire.

“Fire?” shrieked Kiara, also backing away in fear, “Why did you start a fire outside our home?” she demanded. Cursing himself for forgetting their natural fear of fire and building his campfire so close to the den, probably stirring up a panic with the smell, which the lions could pick up from miles away, Josh hastily explained.  

“It’s all right, ladies, there’s no need for alarm. It’s simply for cooking…eh, humans can’t eat raw meat without getting food poisoning, so we cook it over a fire,” he explained, showing them the semi-roasted drumstick. “We also need it to keep warm out here,” he added, shuddering at a breeze which came blowing in their direction. Although it seemed to appease them that there was no danger, the lionesses were still utterly baffled as to why humans would seemingly ruin such delicious, blood-rich meat. Humans sure were weird creatures!

“It’s much better than it looks,” said Denzel, who had put aside his own kebab to let it cool. The lions grimaced at the sight of the sizzling, blackish meat, looking as if they were about to be sick; obviously they didn’t think there was anything appetizing anymore about meat that had just been resting over flames. Denzel grinned, “Here, why don’t you try some…? What the devil?!” As he picked up the pike to offer them a bite, he realized the meat was gone. A certain, sneaky little thief had already beaten her mother to the punch and was devouring the steak with great gusto.

“Rosa!” Kiara scolded her daughter, who had followed them, curious to see more of these strange humans, “You’re supposed to be in bed! And stealing a guest’s food is not polite!” The cub, still licking her lips in delight, lowered her ears shamefully at being told off.

“Sorry, Mom…”

Her grandmother, feeling more sympathetic, turned to her daughter, “Don’t be too hard on her, Kiara; she’s only being curious. Kinda like you were when you were her age, actually. Remember how you and Kovu first met?”

“Mom, please don’t start…” muttered an embarrassed Kiara, blushing red beneath her fur, although Josh could see she was holding back laughter. Indeed, she had been quite a mischievous cub, sometimes even getting herself into trouble, but after growing up and becoming a mother in her own rights, she was sometimes torn between disciplining her daughter to be responsible, or letting have all the fun out of young life.

Meanwhile, Rosa, still licking her lips from her first cooked meal, was getting more curious about Josh and his companions, as she snuggled closer to the American, nuzzling him and sniffing him. Josh smiled at her as he placed her onto his lap, taking off his hat and placing it atop her head for a joke, as his companions chuckled in amusement. Kiara was taken a little aback by a human handling her daughter, but seeing her so happy and content in the Texan’s arms, she didn’t shoo her away.

“Why can’t they sleep in the den, mom?” squealed the cub excitedly in Josh’s arms, “They are so much fun to have around!”

“I’m sorry darling, but your Grandfather thinks it’s wise if we…keep our distances at night,” explained Nala, looking a tad bit ashamed that Simba had barred his own guests from the den, simply because he didn’t trust any strangers. Well, at least he had enough decency not to send them away right there and then. Maybe things would improve later on…

“Do you think he’ll let me play with them tomorrow?” asked Rosa, staring excitedly from her mother and back to Josh. Before anyone could answer however, a stern voice called down to them from the den, “Nala? Kiara? Rosa? Where are you?”

“We‘re coming, Simba,” called Nala, who turned back to her granddaughter. Nighttime visits were over, “All right, come along, bedtime.” Like all kids her age, Rosa felt her fun was over all too soon.

“Oh, Mom, can’t I stay a little longer, please?” she pleaded, as Josh retrieved his hat and passed her to Kiara, who took her by the scruff of her neck.

“You’ll have plenty of time to play with them tomorrow,” said Nala softly but firmly, as her daughter took the protesting cub away, “Now off to bed with you, young lady!” Bidding the explorers goodnight, she followed Kiara back up to the den.


Later that night, Josh lay down to sleep beside the dimming fire, using a boulder as a pillow, thinking of this adventure he and his companions had gotten themselves into. This sure was the adventure of a lifetime, which no explorer could even dream of; finding the secret of communicating with nature and befriending a pride of royal lions made him feel almost as if he had been born again. How he wished Simba would see past his distrust, so that they could truly be a part of this wonderful place.

On the other hand, his happy thoughts were plagued with worry, as to what whether their coming here might ultimately spell out a catastrophe for this pristine land. Lebo and his people had kept the Pride Lands a secret from the outside for a reason. Could Burton, or the Crown itself, be trusted with the knowledge of such a place? In spite of his worrying thoughts, he was bushed and soon drifted off to sleep, with sweet dreams of being one of the Pride…
Crossing Boundaries Chapter 9
Chapter 9 of my first ever Lion King fan fic, Crossing Boundaries. In the late 19th century, three human explorers are sent to the Pride Lands in order to explore the region and study African wildlife. But when the threat of war finds itself sweeping towards the kingdom, can the three humans be enough to help save it? Please Read and Review.

Next Chapter: coming soon...
Previous Chapter:
Got this from Anicomicgeek 

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